winelauncher (was: Call to all packagers (especially Debian))

Anssi Hannula anssi.hannula at
Fri Dec 15 19:45:16 CST 2006

Vitaliy Margolen wrote about Debian packaging:
> It seems there is no end to how far will packagers go to brake Wine by
> trying to make it better
> Also as default it's using "winelauncher"
> instead of standard "wine" binary. That makes it that much more
> complicated to troubleshoot any problems that users might have.

Could you (or someone else) explain why is it bad to use "winelauncher"?

We don't currently use it in the Mandriva packaging of wine, but a
request just got opened asking us to use "winelauncher" instead of "wine":

Anssi Hannula

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