winsock.h undefined symbols ___wine_ulong_swap ___wine_ushort_swap

Pierre d'Herbemont pdherbemont at
Sat Dec 16 14:05:31 CST 2006

> Pierre's fix regarding use of hton and ntoh functions on Big Endian  
> when including from winsock2.h did not
> completely resolve compilation errors.


it did fix the compilation error, but it seems, looking at your diff,  
that you're wine sources are mangled : you have mixed the first patch  
and the second one that were sent to wine-patches.

> diff -urN /Darwine/winesrc/wine-0.9.27/include/winsock.h /Darwine/ 
> winesrc/wine-0.9.27_compiled/include/winsock.h
> --- /Darwine/winesrc/wine-0.9.27/include/winsock.h	2006-12-08  
> 16:34:42.000000000 -0500
> +++ /Darwine/winesrc/wine-0.9.27_compiled/include/winsock.h	 
> 2006-12-15 16:14:59.000000000 -0500
> @@ -516,12 +516,14 @@

Looking at the way you diff, I think you shouldn't send your patch  
against version release, git [1] would be more appropriate, and won't  
have let you send a patch that cannot be applied.



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