WineD3D: paletted texture emulation using fragment shaders

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Sat Dec 16 21:03:12 CST 2006

On Saturday 16 December 2006 13:24, Roderick Colenbrander wrote:
> Hi,
> This patch adds 8-bit paletted texture emulation support using a fragment
> shader.

Won't this break for programs that attempt to use paletted textures and 
fragment shaders itself? If you need to emulate paletted textures, IMHO, a 
better option would be to hold the palette and 8-bit image in RAM, and just 
convert it to RGB(A) when either's changed.

Though hardware has dropped native support for paletted textures, so, also 
IMHO, that should be done on the ddraw side, instead of making all d3d apps 
think paletted textures are available.

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