mscoree: Add a stub implementation for CorExitProcess and GetRequestedRuntimeInfo.

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Dec 17 21:06:42 CST 2006

Hans wrote:
> These stubs make the installer happy that is common to many of the .NET apps I tried.

Which apps?
Now that your patches seem to have been committed, I've started
trying to find and install apps that require .net, but for some
reason I'm having trouble finding many.

The first one I tried is Life Balance
but even if Mono-1.2 is installed, Life Balance seems
to still try to download and install the MS c# runtime.

+relay shows this before the download starts:

0009:Call advapi32.RegOpenKeyExA(80000002,0042f148
"SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\NET Framework
Setup\\NDP",00000000,00020019,0033bb90) ret=0040fa26
0009:Ret  advapi32.RegOpenKeyExA() retval=00000002 ret=0040fa26

And bingo, documents
this as part of the check to see if .net is installed.  Has somebody
figured out a canned .reg file to use to fake out this install check?
- Dan

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