Running winetest on Vista

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Dec 18 09:50:18 CST 2006

"Paul Vriens" < at> wrote:

>> Does it help if you rename it to test_setupapi.exe?
> No :-( As soon as setup is contained in the name it doesn't run. The
> link that Kevin showed makes sense now.
> Any idea how we can approach this? Do we indeed need to start adding
> manifests to some of our tests? I'm afraid this is not the only thing
> we're going to run into. IE7 and Vista already show some major changes
> in things like advpack/crypt32/wintrust.

Well, a manifest is just an text (.xml) file with the resource type set
to RT_MANIFEST. Adding it into the resources is easy, the problem is that
wrc doesn't support that kind of a resource, so that support should be
added to wrc first.


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