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On Tuesday 19 December 2006 00:27, Remco wrote:
>  I ask it consisely, but maybe the answers could be posted as a news item
> on WineHQ. It would be great for Wine to get some exposure on tech sites
> from time to time. That requires some actual news (new minor releases
> aren't front-page news after all).

Well, there was somebody offering to pick up on Wine Weekly News, wonder what 
happened to that. Also, I'd disagree that minor releases aren't front-page 
news. There's usually a significant change in features (and bugs) in every 
release. :)

> So, what's the status/news of DX10? DX in general? the Mac-port? Wine 1.0?
> What's the status of anything else that has been a major thing last year?

I think the DX work is focusing on DX9 so far, and probably will stay like 
that for a while. Maybe some of the D3D people can fill in on the details. 
We're also working on getting DInput to be less broken, and someone in IRC 
seemed interested in DMusic, which could really need some love. We've ironed 
out almost all the bugs for running native DPlay, and I'm still working on 
figuring out that protocol. I expect this to take a while, though.

As I don't own an Intel Mac, I can't tell you much about the Mac port. It 
should work ok in X, the quartz driver is still pretty stubbed out for all I 
know (correct me if I'm wrong).

Wine 1.0 is due to be out in 6-18 months, as it's been the last 14 years.
Actually, all kidding aside, we might see something in that direction once the 
D3D development stabilizes. How long that'll take, well...

That's been my impression from reading the mailing list, people working on the 
single areas might know more specific things, so please correct me if this is 
all wrong. :)


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