kernel32 console bug?

Robert Reif reif at
Wed Dec 20 14:00:18 CST 2006

Eric Pouech wrote:

> if you move the test() call a couple of lines below, when the console 
> is actually created, it should work.
> for the actual program to run, you should use wineconsole.
> A+
> 2006/12/20, Robert Reif <reif at <mailto:reif at>>:
>     I get an error when running a windows console program on wine.  It
>     appears that in wine, GetStdHandle(STD_INPUT_HANDLE) doesn't return a
>     handle to a console so GetConsoleMode() on that handle fails.  The
>     actual programs that fail are at:
I just launched these .exes on xp in explorer and they created a console 

Doing the same thing in wine using winefile produces the same failure as 
in wine.  The program quits when GetConsoleMode fails.  The programs do 
work using wineconsole.

Somehow windows knows to run these .exes in a console window but wine 

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