libwine: Fix some typos

Andrew Talbot Andrew.Talbot at
Thu Dec 21 11:47:10 CST 2006

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

> Andrew Talbot <Andrew.Talbot at> writes:
>> I believe these identifiers are POSIX ones (from <sys/stat.h>), so they
>> should not possess one leading underscore (unlike the similar ones in
>> "msvcrt").
> These defines are meant for Windows, where they do have underscores.
I am getting "unrecognized identifier" messages when looking at
ntdll/directory.c where it calls the S_ISCHR() and S_ISDIR() macros, these
are caused by the identifiers like _S_IFMT in "wine/port.h" seemingly not
being defined. The only place, on my system, where I could find definitions
of these identifiers was in "include/msvcrt/sys/stat.h". Are files such as
ntdll/directory.c and ntdll/file.c getting to know about these identifiers
via a route that a static checker cannot follow?

-- Andy.

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