WineAlsa mmap patch

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Thu Dec 21 17:49:54 CST 2006

This changes the winealsa dsound driver to stop using asynchronous
callbacks and use snd_pcm_wait instead, I'm welcoming testing.

For me this fixes the mmap_crst deadlock. I don't know what caused the
deadlock in the first place, but this seems to have fixed it somehow.
My test was basically running max payne 2 on my old pc, for some
reason it's prone to this bug. With this patch I didn't have this

Detlef Riekenberg helped me testing first (buggy version) and now I
hopefully fixed all issues that were found in it. It's not entirely
ready yet I think, I'm not satisfied with latency for non-direct hw
access. Basically it is the same loop as for direct hardware  access
at the moment. That means increased latency, which I think is

Welcoming all comments on it and experiences with it.

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