State of demoscene productions under wine.

Wojciech 'arab' Arabczyk arab at
Fri Dec 22 10:44:15 CST 2006


So, i've been holding back with writing this mail for the last three releases 
of wine.

Im pleased to infrom the whole wine team that almost every demoscene prod i 
keep a warm place for in my hearth is now (since 0.9.27) working with wine.

The list with corresponding links below (all downloads are freeware or public 
- Kewlers with "Variform" (working perfectly since i remember)

- Kewlers and Mfx with "1995" (working since last [0.9.27] version, some 
strange slowdowns occur)

- Kewlers with Protozoa (working since 0.9.23 i think, some strange slowdowns 

- Farbrausch with fr-08 (working since 0.9.18 tho minor graphic glitches 
occur, between 0.9.21 and 0.9.22 occured a regression that does not allow the 
demo to finish. I'll do some regression test as soon as i'll have some time 
for it)

- Farbrausch with fr-025 (working since last release [0.9.27] yet still some 
strange bugs [on-screen buffers that should not be displayed?] occur)

- Kasparov from Elitegroup (some effects missing)

- Iconoclast by ASD (working since last [0.9.27] release, some strange 
slowdowns occur just as in 1995 by Kewlers and MFX and Protozoa by Kewlers 
[maybe a race condition?])

I hope the list is interesting? I could do some screenshot comparisions with 
effects/graphics problems or differences between the demos runing natively
under windows and under wine. Also please note that the list is incomplete. I 
could add at least a donzen of demos still not working (i just thot i'll 
focus this time on those i like most).

Best regards
Wojciech Arabczyk

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