Louis Lenders xerox_xerox2000 at
Sun Dec 24 00:33:59 CST 2006

Steven Edwards <winehacker <at>> writes:

> Talk to the ReactOS guys and ask them if they still have it.
> I don't
> remeber if I ever committed it to ReactOS svn but if its there it
> would have been in reactos/media/fonts. Email them or ask on IRC if
> they can get you in touch with the author. I think his irc handle was
> WiredW but I don't recall his real name. The author had offered to
> license it LGPL or X11/BSD and was going to try to import the source
> or whatever in to fontforge but was frustrated because it lost his
> hinting or something.

Hi Steven, i asked in reactos' irc, but this guy (wierd_w) hasn't been seen
around for a while. So i've sent him a e-mail twice( 2 weeks ago, and a week
ago, wierd-w at but got no response. Looks like he disappeared
mysteriously....:( (at least from this e-mail address)

Looks like this way ends here for now.

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