ntdll: Added stubs for the Rtl*GenericTable* functions

Patrik Stridvall patrik at stridvall.se
Sun Dec 24 03:27:02 CST 2006

On Sunday 24 December 2006 05:37, Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> Is there are any reason why do you need this functions at all? According
> to ddk they are part of "Installable File System Drivers". This is a
> kernel level thing only and no user app should use these routines.

Should, perhaps. Does, well that is a different matter entirely. :-)

Secondly we could perhaps find use for them ourselves. Splay and AVL trees are 

> Especially stabbing them won't do you any good if something actually
> using them. But that something has no place to run in Wine yet.

ReactOS has some sort of implementation of them so I guess we can borrow
that I think the code in under the correct license. It seems to depend on some 
sort of external library though. Not 100% sure.

In any case having them stubbed in better than nothing. I don't think 
implementing them is that difficult either. There are very likely to be code 
there beside the ReactOS code that we can borrow or link to. Splay and AVL
trees are not really rocket science.

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