kernel32 (profile.c): current section and key implementation

Robert Shearman rob at
Sun Dec 24 13:32:46 CST 2006

Claudio Fontana wrote:
> Hello all,
> I posted previously a patch to wine-patches here:
> However, I now understand that although it solves the issue I had with 
> the
> specific program, the change is incomplete, since in several other 
> places,
> sections and keys are only considered meaningful when not equal to the
> empty string.
> In the Microsoft implementation, the unnamed section is valid, as are
> zero length keys.
> Thus, I think a broader scope change is required.
> Before I start working on a new patch, do you acknowledge that the
> current implementation
> is incorrect, and a patch fixing it by not requiring name[0] to be !=
> '\0' is likely to be accepted? (btw, I've noticed you switched to git,
> so I will be using that instead now).

Hi Claudio,

The patch looks good, apart from the specific version check for win95. 
Do you think you could add some tests to our test framework 
(dlls/kernel32/tests) to test for this issue that you've found. Then the 
tests could be run on a variety of platforms to see if it is only win95 
that has that specific behaviour or if the original author of the 
comment was wrong about that.

The tests that fail on Wine will then determine what needs to be fixed.


Rob Shearman

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