oleaut32: Fix failing VarMod tests in WinXP, fix VarMod(VT_DECIMAL) in Wine

Alex Villací­s Lasso a_villacis at palosanto.com
Tue Dec 26 12:42:56 CST 2006

Robert Shearman escribió:
> a_villacis at palosanto.com wrote:
>> In a preparation for a possible implementation of IDispatch
>> tests in oleaut32, I decided to clean up the failing tests in
>> Windows XP:
> Great, thanks for fixing this.
> I was about to do this myself. It's about time we get the number of 
> failing tests on XP as close to zero as possible.
BTW, in case nobody knows, the BOOL->BSTR conversion is localized in 
WinXP (so that in Spanish locales, conversion to strings gives 
"Verdadero", not "True" as tested). Apparently it is *not* localized in 
Win98SE. I don't have any other Windows versions available, but this 
means at least two test failures on non-English versions of WinXP. Does 
this mean that a comparison to a specific string is pointless and should 
be removed?

The following cryptic message was allegedly found in the inner edge of a Windows
XP installation CD:


It is rumored that only a true Unix Wizard can decypher this mysterious message,
which supposedly encodes the true nature and purpose of the software.

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