Solution to Bug 3023

Michael Gardiner mikegardiner at
Thu Dec 28 20:33:32 CST 2006

I have been fiddling with Orcad 9.2 Capture and have found the cause of
the problem behind its inability to place parts, text etc. It is caused
by the window that the object is to be placed in temporarily losing
focus (or maybe activation) after the dialog box for entering the
object's properties is closed. This temporary loss of focus causes the
window to "lose its grip" on the object being placed.

Removing the line that calls WINPOS_ActivateOtherWindow in
dlls/user32/dialog.c in the EndDialog function fixes this problem - the
focus seems to immediately return to the correct window and the object
can be placed.

The removal of this WINPOS_ActivateOtherWindow call does not seem to
have any visible side-effects in this particular instance - does it have
a purpose? (In this instance I traced its call to see what it activated
- it does not find a valid window to activate, so reaches the end and
calls SetActiveWindow(0)).

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