Reason for some process failures in kernel32 tests

Paul Vriens at
Sat Dec 30 10:57:15 CST 2006


I've been trying to tackle some of the issues we have when trying to run
some process tests (through winetest.exe, see also

process.c:775: Test failed: CreateProcess (./kernel32_test.exe
tests/process.c C:\TEMP\wt44.tmp "a\"b\\" c\" d) failed : 2
process.c:777: Test failed: Child process termination
process.c:781: Test failed: Arguments:argvA0 expected './kernel32_test.exe', got '(null)'
process.c:790: Test failed: CreateProcess (.\kernel32_test.exe tests/process.c C:\TEMP\wt45.tmp "a\"b\\" c\" d) failed : 2
process.c:792: Test failed: Child process termination
process.c:796: Test failed: Arguments:argvA0 expected '.\kernel32_test.exe', got '(null)'
process.c:810: Test failed: CreateProcess (..\wct12/kernel32_test.exe tests/process.c C:\TEMP\wt46.tmp "a\"b\\" c\" d) failed : 2
process.c:812: Test failed: Child process termination
process.c:816: Test failed: Arguments:argvA0 expected '..\wct12/kernel32_test.exe', got '(null)'

The reason for this particular one is that I'm running winetest.exe
started from a command-file on my desktop. This means that the current
directory is the desktop directory. The winetest gui shows that the
working directory is (in this case) c:\temp\wct12. This value is however
not passed to the tests when CreateProcess is run:


291     if (!CreateProcessA (NULL, cmd, NULL, NULL, TRUE, 0,
292                          NULL, NULL, &si, &pi)) {

The above means that the kernel32_test.exe has a working directory that
is not c:\temp\wct12 (in this case again) and thus cannot find the
executable when referenced relatively. 

All the test-results that are shown on show
more-or-less the same behavior.

How can I retrieve the correct working directory (as shown in the
winetest gui) and pass that to the single tests? (I think that would
solve these particular issues).

Cheers and thanks for any pointers,


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