OpenGL as child windows

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Sat Dec 30 18:25:28 CST 2006

The topic of getting OpenGL to show and use more visuals/pixel formats than 
just the one the main window uses came up on IRC, and I was told to make a 
post here. One of the ideas was to create a child window of the main X window 
(which can be given a different visual) and have OpenGL use that for drawing.

A simple test program I wrote (using X) seems to behave well. The child window 
stays relative to the parent, it remains fully connected (even with the 
wobbly effects of compositors like Beryl), and it can use a different visual. 
Since wgl is now a part of x11drv, it should be possible to make an X11 child 
window. Are there any problems with using this approach in Wine?

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