OpenGL as child windows

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at
Sun Dec 31 02:43:23 CST 2006

On Sunday 31 December 2006 00:12, you wrote:
> AFAIK there is no technical problems, only political ones. Wine no
> longer allows subwindows to be X11 windows. I've heard Alexandre
> Julliard won't accept such patches.

These wouldn't be Win32 subwindows as X11 child windows (as I heard Wine 
doesn't do), but rather, a child window of the main window used solely for 
showing OpenGL on. I can't, in my admittedly limited knowledge, think of why 
it wouldn't work, and it should also help clear the problem Wine has with 
Win32 child windows using OpenGL since they'd implicitly clip to the child 
window extents, instead of trying to hack the scissors test. The X11 child 
window for OpenGL would be completely transparent to the app (as in, opengl 
wouldn't announce its existance, and the rest of the code wouldn't care about 

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