appdb rating inflation

Chris Morgan chmorgan at
Sun Dec 31 13:20:33 CST 2006

On 12/31/06, Dan Kegel <dank at> wrote:
> The appdb says
> "Only applications which install and run flawlessly on an out-of-the-box
> Wine installation make it to the Platinum list"
> But several platinum-rated apps seem to deserve
> a silver or bronze rating.
> For instance, Call to Duty,
> has all sorts of caveats:
> - Punkbuster enabled Multiplayer will not work
> - Sound out of sync.
> - Runs without crashes, but only if installed as root
> - requires whacky third-party Loki installer; real installer
>   fails on cd change (
> - "with alsa, the sound lags ~ 1 second behind the game.... if i
> choose oss i got the 166 sound files missing error"
> And Diablo II,,
> also has lots of complaints / caveats / complicated howto's.
> Should we impose some standards on appdb ratings?
> - Dan
> --
> Wine for Windows ISVs:

Any app with sound issues shouldn't be rated platinum since it isn't
playable without issues. Dan, are you an appdb admin? If you are
interested in becoming one you can change the maintainer ratings for
apps that are are misrated.

Maybe we aren't clear enough on this page: since we don't
say anything about how well an application runs under the "Platinum
rating" but we do under the "Gold rating" description.


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