OpenGL as child windows

Mark Hatsell mark.hatsell at
Sun Dec 31 13:44:49 CST 2006

> These wouldn't be Win32 subwindows as X11 child windows (as I heard Wine
> doesn't do), but rather, a child window of the main window used solely for
> showing OpenGL on. I can't, in my admittedly limited knowledge, think of 
> why
> it wouldn't work, and it should also help clear the problem Wine has with
> Win32 child windows using OpenGL since they'd implicitly clip to the child
> window extents, instead of trying to hack the scissors test. The X11 child
> window for OpenGL would be completely transparent to the app (as in, 
> opengl
> wouldn't announce its existance, and the rest of the code wouldn't care 
> about
> it).

Just wondered what would happen in the case of a non-X11 child window 
partially overlapping an X11 OpenGL window? I guess this wouldn't work still 
even with this solution. This could happen quite easily in an MDI situation.


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