OpenGL as child windows

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Sun Dec 31 14:25:15 CST 2006

> > These wouldn't be Win32 subwindows as X11 child windows (as I heard Wine
> > doesn't do), but rather, a child window of the main window used solely
> for
> > showing OpenGL on. I can't, in my admittedly limited knowledge, think of
> > why
> > it wouldn't work, and it should also help clear the problem Wine has
> with
> > Win32 child windows using OpenGL since they'd implicitly clip to the
> child
> > window extents, instead of trying to hack the scissors test. The X11
> child
> > window for OpenGL would be completely transparent to the app (as in, 
> > opengl
> > wouldn't announce its existance, and the rest of the code wouldn't care 
> > about
> > it).
> Just wondered what would happen in the case of a non-X11 child window 
> partially overlapping an X11 OpenGL window? I guess this wouldn't work
> still 
> even with this solution. This could happen quite easily in an MDI
> situation.
> Mark 

That would indeed be a problem. You could perhaps force that part to share the child window though that would cause other issues again.

I'm not sure what pixel formats MDI apps in general use but perhaps they might need specific pixelformats for instance ones with the cap 'PFD_GDI_SUPPORT' to allow gdi rendering. If that's the case we just hide the GDI support cap and add a pixelformat with that cap set. When that pixelformat is used the current opengl behavior could be used. (Assuming our glScissors code would work correctly, this would get MDI running)

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