New wined3d configuration window

Brian Hill dcatz at
Wed Feb 1 16:53:33 CST 2006

So I've been bored lately and decided to start hacking on the wined3d 
module.  This is partly due to my distate with a certain commercial Wine 
variant for games.

I have intermediate OpenGL knowledge and very little Direct3D knowledge, 
so I have to rely on MSDN for finding OpenGL equivilants in Direct3D.

I've been working on a new control panel for the wined3d module in 
winecfg.  There are simply too many potential options to fit it all on 
that one tab and I know that audio is getting something similar.  I was 
wondering if Wine has a HIG (Human Interface Guideline) that determines 
how the layout should go.

This is what I have so far :

The symmetry is off right now, however I am trying to leave room for 
other buttons incase they are needed.

I am also working on the reporting of texture memory for wined3d.  Right 
now, it reports a default of 64mb.  I'd like to add a box that allows 
the user to override the amount of memory reported and a way to have it 
automatically detected.

Brian Hill

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