New wined3d configuration window

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Thu Feb 2 08:20:11 CST 2006

> As long as nobody drops out of the blue sky and makes the best thing
> happen with a touch of h(is/er) magic wand, presenting the available
> options is a *very* nice thing to do.
> If the options are there, I might be able to run my games.  I'll be
> able to report on the mailing list what options I used to get it to
> run, which should help debug the actual problem.
> If the options aren't there, I'll never know that they existed and so
> I'll probably be inclined to just give up and not try to run whatever
> game it is I'm trying to run.
This is all correct, but on the other hand, some users might complain about a 
too complicated setup. Developers on the other hand just tell users to set an 
option instead of fixing the code.

I am all OK with options, but before adding an option one should think why it 
is necessary and if it can be avoided.
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