New wined3d configuration window

Brian Hill dcatz at
Thu Feb 2 09:52:40 CST 2006

It would be nice to have all options automagically detected but in my 
experience with that commercial wine variant, that simply isn't 
possible.  Games are a complex beast.  Let's say a game makes use of 
Shader Model 2.0.  And we are using a future version of wined3d that 
supports 2.0.  But under any ATI cards and their Linux drivers, this 
kills performance. 

We could have Wine autodetect and fall-back to a lower shader model with 
ATI cards but then that would make debugging more difficult.

Also, it would vary per game.   There could be another SM 2.0 game that 
does not cause issues on ATI cards.

Stefan Dösinger wrote:

>>As long as nobody drops out of the blue sky and makes the best thing
>>happen with a touch of h(is/er) magic wand, presenting the available
>>options is a *very* nice thing to do.
>>If the options are there, I might be able to run my games.  I'll be
>>able to report on the mailing list what options I used to get it to
>>run, which should help debug the actual problem.
>>If the options aren't there, I'll never know that they existed and so
>>I'll probably be inclined to just give up and not try to run whatever
>>game it is I'm trying to run.
>This is all correct, but on the other hand, some users might complain about a 
>too complicated setup. Developers on the other hand just tell users to set an 
>option instead of fixing the code.
>I am all OK with options, but before adding an option one should think why it 
>is necessary and if it can be avoided.

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