New wined3d configuration window

Brian Hill dcatz at
Fri Feb 3 17:23:40 CST 2006

Ok, after working on the winecfg program for a bit, this is what I have :

I removed the paragraphs from the window as they took up a considerable 
amount of space.  Perhaps it would be best to document the functions as 
stated earlier through either the users guide or some kind of built-in 
help mechanism. 

The pixel shader option has been changed from a check box to a 
drop-down.  This allows selecting a version of pixel shaders to use.  
This is helpful if there is a bug in say a function that's only in PS 
1.3 so the game in question does not try to use it.

Graphics card memory allows the user to specify how much graphics card 
memory the wined3d module should report to programs.  Right now, as of 
the latest cvs version of Wine, it's hardcoded to 64 megabytes plus your 
available AGP memory.  This is a fairly good default as most vid cards 
today have at least that much but a slight theoretical performance boost 
can be gained on texture memory intensive games by allowing full use of 
a graphics cards memory.  Ideally, Wine should auto-detect this but the 
implementation varies by GPU maker.  Also, in the case of cards that 
share graphics card memory with system ram, you may not want a game to 
use all available texture memory. 

I've given the options a default setting as well.  Right now, the 
default settings are hard-linked to specific settings however in the 
future, it would be nice to have default try to automagically detect 
what settings are best. 

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