wined3d PS 2.0/TexMem/Config Window Patch

Brian Hill dcatz at
Sat Feb 4 16:33:50 CST 2006

Attached is a patch file of the changes I have made to wined3d and it's 
config options. 

Summary of the changes :

* Cleaned up graphics tab on winecfg to make room for more DirectX 
related options.  In an ideal world, options would be automagically 
detected but due to the amount of differences between setups and such, 
this isn't feasable at the moment.

* User-selectable pixel shader version. Default is 1.4.  2.0 is 
selectable and if your card has GLSL support it should return the PS 
version to apps as 2.0. 98% of the PS 2.0 functions right now however 
are stubs or not implemented so this is why 1.4 is default.  Setting the 
version to 2.0 will return a warning stating that it will most likely 
break any applications that try to use 2.0.

* User-selectable texture memory reporting.  The current CVS version is 
hardcoded to report 64 megabytes of graphics card texture memory.  I 
changed the hardcoded variable to be set by a registry setting allowing 
the user to set how much graphics card memory this wish to report to D3D 
apps.  This should help games and applications that use a lot of big or 
highly-detailed textures.  In the future, default should autodetect 
however right now default is 64 megabytes. 

I'd appreciate if people could test this patch and see if it breaks any 
games.  It compiles and runs fine on my system but I'd like to know 
regardless.  Sometimes I have a tendency to make silly mistakes in coding :P

As for the text that was removed, most of it described what things like 
the virtual desktop function did and it took up over half of the tabs 
pane.  This text should probably be placed in either the user 
manual/documentation or through some future help function in winecfg.  
Someone suggested I add a seperate DirectX tab however as it is right 
now, I do not think it is a good idea to add many more tabs.  Too many 
tabs can lead to useability issues as people are unable to find where 
different settings are located.

I will seperate the patches out later by the specific changes they do 
but right now it's just one big patch file.

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