wined3d PS 2.0/TexMem/Config Window Patch

Joseph Garvin k04jg02 at
Sat Feb 4 18:08:11 CST 2006

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:

>>* User-selectable texture memory reporting.  The current CVS version is
>>hardcoded to report 64 megabytes of graphics card texture memory.  I
>We still need to make an attempt to detect it. Overriding it this way
>doesn't really make it more universal. From what I see it will be
>another way to users to select as much as there is and brake textures

When this was discussed before, extensions that allow for it to be 
detected on nvidia and ati cards were brought up. Seeing as these are 
the only 2 brands of cards anyone realistically is going to be able to 
play DirectX games on, why not go ahead and use those extensions, even 
though it's not an elegant solution for all cards? Just have it check 
for them and then fall back on 64MB if they're not available. That 
should take care of 99% of people using WineD3D I'd think.

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