wined3d PS 2.0/TexMem/Config Window Patch

H. Verbeet hverbeet at
Sat Feb 4 18:11:56 CST 2006

On 04/02/06, Brian Hill <dcatz at> wrote:
> I'd appreciate if people could test this patch and see if it breaks any
> games.  It compiles and runs fine on my system but I'd like to know
> regardless.  Sometimes I have a tendency to make silly mistakes in coding :P
I had a quick look at the diff, haven't compiled it against my tree yet.

On the subject of autodetecting graphics card memory, I seem to
remember that someone was working on that a while ago. However, I'm
not sure who, or what happened to it. I should probably have a look at
the wine-devel archives. Regardless of whether the amount of memory
gets autodetected or not, I think it's still usefull to be able to
override the autodetected amount. Perhaps it should be possible to
enter any amount, instead of just the ones in the list, but then,
perhaps that's overkill. Technically, the units should be in MiB, but
at least use MB instead of Mb.

I'm not sure if a big switch statement with different PS_ values is
the way to go. It would seem more logical to just store the major and
minor version numbers, and then use D3DPS_VERSION on that.

You define some stuff for GL_EXT_blend_func_separate, but never use
it. Was that even supposed to go in the patch?

You use tabs in some places, spaces in others. Although I don't care
all too much about the whole tabs vs spaces flamewar, the indent
should match the rest of the code as much as possible. In general
wined3d seems to use 4 spaces as indent.

> As for the text that was removed, most of it described what things like
> the virtual desktop function did and it took up over half of the tabs
> pane.  This text should probably be placed in either the user
> manual/documentation or through some future help function in winecfg.
A help function would probably be the more usefull option. I don't
think you can rely on people actually reading the manual, or for that
matter, finding it in the first place.

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