wine 0.9.7 crashes in dlls/d3d8/drawprim.c

Daniel Skorka daniel.skorka at
Mon Feb 6 11:58:08 CST 2006


I'm trying to debug a problem with the Mafia demo. Basically, it is like
this: The demo runs fine (albeit a bit slow) for some short (but
varying) time). Then it crashes in dlls/d3d8/drawprim.c line 983
(function drawStridedSlow) with a page fault on read access. The exact
address differs a bit between runs, but seems to be above 0x7f000000 all
the time. As the full version of Mafia seems to work, I would like to know
wether anyone else has ever seen the same crash or can offer a hint to
where the problem might be.


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