Regarding java in wine....

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Tue Feb 7 02:43:36 CST 2006

Hi all,

I've been trying out wine for sometimes, and I notice that, there is still 
no satisfied solution regarding java support in wine. Please correct me if 
I'm wrong.
I've been wondering after reading the wine FAQ (see below), if it is 
possible to "delegate" java "request" to native java under linux.
What we need are:
- wine application to delegate java requests to native java under linux 
- browser plugins for "java applet", which uses native java under linux 
transparently too.

Since I'm not (yet) wine developer, I would like to know, if these 
possibilities are feasible or not.
Thank you.
BTW: since I'm not (yet) on the wine-devel list, please be kind and CC me on 
reply :)

best regards,

Wine - FAQ:

6.8.  Can I launch a Unix program from a Windows program?

Sure, Wine supports that. Just enter the unix program name wherever a 
program has something that it's supposed to execute, and it should just 

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