VC++ demangling tool

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at
Tue Feb 7 15:41:58 CST 2006

Eric Pouech wrote:
> Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
>> Hello!
>> winedump has a VC++ symbol demangling function but that is bitrotting as
>> it is a copy of the msvcrt.__unDname . As i wanted to use the newer
>> msvcrt.__unDname funtion i have written a quick and dirty program that
>> is basicaly only a wrapper around UnDecorateSymbolName(). Most importand
>> feature is that it runs on the command line.
>> I'm not expecting it to go into Wine but others might find it usefull.
>> After applying the patch configure needs to be regenerated.
> actually, there's a tool in the MS SDK called undname that does exactly 
> this... it has also a couple of other options (like demangling all 
> symbols listed in a text file)...
> but what should be done is to port back the code from msvcrt into winedump
> A+

I'm wondering, why can't winedump import msvcrt and call what it needs, 
instead of duplicating code?

(Just me thinking aloud)

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