VC++ demangling tool

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Tue Feb 7 15:48:12 CST 2006

Eric Pouech wrote:
> Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
>> winedump has a VC++ symbol demangling function but that is bitrotting as
>> it is a copy of the msvcrt.__unDname . As i wanted to use the newer
>> msvcrt.__unDname funtion i have written a quick and dirty program that
>> is basicaly only a wrapper around UnDecorateSymbolName(). Most importand
>> feature is that it runs on the command line.
>> I'm not expecting it to go into Wine but others might find it usefull.
>> After applying the patch configure needs to be regenerated.
> actually, there's a tool in the MS SDK called undname that does exactly 
> this... it has also a couple of other options (like demangling all 
> symbols listed in a text file)...
Good to know as i never ever had or looked at the SDK. If there is 
interest in this i can make my program into a undname replacement.

> but what should be done is to port back the code from msvcrt into winedump
... where the code will bitrot again.
Why not make winedump a Wine app and use the dbghelp and other related 
dlls? That way we remove redundant code, don't have to backport fixes 
(this is unsexy and people will forget to do it) and we will have an 
other application besides winedbg that uses and tests our dlls.

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