Implement DVD_ReadStructure

Mike McCormack mike at
Wed Feb 8 22:15:04 CST 2006

Troy Rollo wrote:

> Regardless, I'm not revisiting patches anymore. If they get in, fine, but if 
> not I'll just keep them on my branch - I work on more than one OSS project 
> and I'm not sacrificing time on others to jump through hoops for Wine.

It will probably save you time in the long run to keep as much as you 
can merged with WineHQ.  Two reasons:

1) Your patches will get tested more, and any bugs are more likely to be 
found and fixed.

2) You won't have to worry about merging them manually with WineHQ each 
time you update your tree.

Certainly CodeWeavers have found that to be the case, but if you only 
have to maintain a small number of patches, maybe it will work out OK to 
let your tree diverge from WineHQ.


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