wine on Intel Xeon Processor

Ananth M mekaananth at
Thu Feb 9 11:25:22 CST 2006


              I have a windows application that calls a function (
approximately 10000 times) exported by a third party DLL.

             I have two machines ( one with Intel pentium 4 processor and
other with Intel Xeon processor ) with RHEL 4.0 installed on both of these

            If I execute the windows application on the first machine (one
with Intel pentium 4 processor ) using WINE, the execution time is almost
equal to the execution time in windows machine.

            But, if I execute the same application on the second machine
(Intel Xeon processor ), the execution time is almost 6 times to the first

           I am using WINE-0.9.2 and wine is installed by downloading the
wine source code from

           Is it a known issue (or )
           Do I need to do any additional configuration setting to work with
Intel Xeon processor ?

Any suggestions please

Thank you
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