Regression problems in Easy-PC - UPDATE: Have conformance test that triggers reference counting bug in ole32.dll

Robert Shearman rob at
Thu Feb 9 12:20:19 CST 2006

Dr J A Gow wrote:

> Dr J A Gow wrote:
>> It is as I thought that there is some issue with the object 
>> destructor for the storage object being called and not actually 
>> releasing the object. I have attached the complete patch to the tests 
>> for storage32 to 
> I have just had another thought on this and wonder if anyone could 
> confirm it: Shouldn't destruction of the parent IStorage object 
> automatically destroy all IStream objects opened within it? This seems 
> to be the way Windows works as far as I can tell so far. Wine does not 
> do this, requiring all child IStreams to be closed before the final 
> call to the destructor of IStorage will actually release the memory 
> (and file) associated with it. Any ideas?

Releasing memory behind your back in generally a bad thing, but if 
Windows does that then that's what we should do too.

Rob Shearman

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