"Windows Everywhere" foresaw Wine back in 1993?

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Feb 9 13:49:16 CST 2006

Oooh, and let's not forget Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 for Mac!

It included the "Windows Compatibility Libraries"
(probably the same thing mentioned earlier as "Microsoft Wings"),
"an implementation of the Windows API and architecture on the
Macintosh. These libraries support most of the Windows API and will
translate your Windows calls using either the appropriate Toolbox
routines or native implementation."

So there you have it.  Microsoft implemented Wine itself,
more or less, for the Macintosh, back in '94-'95, and actually
sold it as a product.
(I almost picked up a copy of this at Half-Price Books
in Bellevue, Wa in 1995 or so for $95, so I know it made
it onto retail shelves...)
- Dan

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