MSACM: winemp3 codec crashes on seek, (no longer) reimplement with libmad?

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Thu Feb 9 14:04:12 CST 2006

> I also ran tests with a different movie which uses the Indeo codecs 
> (native) for decoding. This one runs smoothly (with audio AND video). In 
> my opinion, this is additional evidence that the winemp3 codec is at 
> fault (especially since my sample movie uses a not-installed DivX video 
> codec which therefore does not consume any CPU, as it is running in 
> audio-only mode). The native Indeo codec also does not crash on seek.
this still doesn't prove that the decoder is to blame (it may well be). 
it shows that the upper layers of wine work "correctly" with indeo 
decoder. Moreover, the point I question the most is the way the decoder 
(mpglib) is integrated into winemp3, which is potentially the core of 
the issue (if any)

Eric Pouech

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