Wine with multiple threads on Dual processor - any suggestions please

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Thu Feb 9 20:03:47 CST 2006

Hi Ananth,

> Is there any isses with wine on Dual processor machines ( Intel
> Xeon processor ) w.r.t multi threaded programming?

There can be, if there is a lot of inter-thread synchronization.  Only if
each thread is CPU-bound are you likely to see any improvement in
performance as you move to multiple threads.  If there is a lot of
inter-thread synchronization, you'll be slowed down by calls into
wineserver, and short of some hack this isn't going to change anytime

Regarding your other email, how do you know it's wine that's causing the
difference in speed between the two machines?  The machines are different.
 Different machines perform differently on different applications.

Anyway, to investigate both of these problems, consider using oprofile. 
It was covered in wwn here:


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