StretchDIBits function problem.

Cyril Margorin comargo at
Fri Feb 10 17:20:00 CST 2006


During researching of problem in StretchDIBits I've found interesting fact:
If I turn off XShm function (by undefining USE_LIBXXSHM in config.h)
test passes and application works ok (image is ok).
So I think that something wrong in using XShmPutImage / XShmGetImage.
Do you have any suggestions?

2006/1/27, Cyril Margorin <comargo at>:
> Hello,
> I've discovered, that using of GetDIBits after StretchDIBits doesn't
> return correct data.
> More then - all pixels that it returns are black.
> In attachment the test function.
> Changelog:
> Cyril Margorin <comargo at>
> add test of StretchDIBits()/GetDIBits() bunch to gdi/test/bitmap.c
> --
> Cyril Margorin

Cyril Margorin

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