Changes to Wine Status Pages

paul pgr at
Fri Feb 10 11:58:52 CST 2006

Tom Wickline wrote:
> Hello,
> I plan to remove ttydrv from our dlls status page as it has been
> removed. And also remove Wine Installer (wineinstall) as it has been
> replaced by wineprefixcreate.
> Are there any comments on this before I remove these two components.
> Tom
I have been looking into a bug / difference between the ./configure ... 
  make install method vs ./tools/wineinstall

New install of mandriva 2006 and then compile latest cvs using the 
./configure method and adding the missing things via rpm's (flex, bison 
libxsl and one other lib)

When running wineprefix create it can't find
I have tried this on two different machines and also had a problem on my 
  mandriva 2005 le install before I installed 2006.

Using /tools/wineinstall worked and then an uninstall and install via 
the ./configure works after that.

On my 2005 LE machine I was doing regression tests and then ./configure 
method did not work and even ./tool/wineinstall did not for several tries.

I did use make clean after uninstall and before cvs update.

Paul R.

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