[usp10] Add ScriptItemize, ScriptShape and ScriptPlace functionality

Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 10:15:58 CST 2006

Tom Wickline wrote:
> On 2/11/06, Stefan Leichter <Stefan.Leichter at camline.com> wrote:
>>Am Freitag, 10. Februar 2006 12:51 schrieb Jeff L:
>>>Is there anything wrong with this patch?  It does not seem to have been
>>from http://www.winehq.org/site/sending_patches
>>| Rejected patches might receive a note in the wine-devel mailing list,
>>| however they also may be silently dropped. If you receive no response to
>>| your patch don't give up! Try checking it against the above points, asking
>>| for guidance on wine-devel if you find no obvious issue, and resubmitting
>>| it.
> > 
>>Its sometimes hard to get a patch in, at least if you are not a "core"
>>developer. Me think wine looses at least 2 patches / week because the sender
>>don't care to get them in.
 > Side note:
 > Should we add to the above page something to the effect of, make sure
 > your indentation is consistent with what has been used in the file
 > that your editing?
 > Ive seen a number of cases where people have used different
 > indentation and it has caused problems with getting a patch accepted.

Probably either there or here 

or both..

Tony Lambregts

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