Wine console windows vs. [x]terminal

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Mon Feb 13 02:53:53 CST 2006

Segin wrote:
> Hi, I notice that Wine opens a Windows-like console window for console 
> apps if they are started using the 'winedbg' loader. Is it possible to 
> get all console apps to run like this without using winedbg? There is a 
> Windows console program using pdcurses that I am trying to check for 
> compatability, and having to startup winedbg to get the program to 
> function is a bit much. It should also be noted that I do not read the 
> wine-users mailing list at this time, but I do read wine-devel.
wineconsole --backend=user foo.exe
instead of
wine foo.exe


Eric Pouech

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