Czech language resources encoding fix

Petr Tesarik hat at
Mon Feb 13 03:19:43 CST 2006

Hi everyone,

On 8 Feb I sent a patch to fix the encoding of Czech resources in
Wine (see wine-patches), but nothing seems to have happened.  Is
something wrong with the patch?

Of course, I double-checked the "Sending patches" page:

# Include a ChangeLog entry with your name, email address and a
  description of what your patch does.

There is a ChangeLog entry and a (IMO concise) description of what the
patch does.

# Keep the patch small and the point of the change clear.
# Submit one fix or group of related changes per patch.

Well, OK, I could possibly break the patch into numerous smaller ones,
each fixing only one of the resource files. Is that what you expect?

# Generate your patch against the latest version of Wine from the
  WineHQ CVS (see below).

It applies cleanly against latest CVS.

# Test your patch, and if possible write a test case demonstrating it
  is correct.

Umgh. Does changing a resource string need writing a test case?

# Be careful to not corrupt the patch through line-wrapping.

Not the case.

# Avoid unnecessarily changing the formatting of the code.


# Use standard C, avoid C++ comments and inline variable declarations.

They'r resource files. No C/C++ comments at all.

# Read the diff and make sure it contains only what you want in it.


Thanks for any clue,
Petr Tesarik

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