StretchDIBits function problem.

Cyril Margorin comargo at
Mon Feb 13 15:03:20 CST 2006


According the patches, I've send before: I've got two small questions:
1) Shouldn't the Shared Memory XImage created in
X11DRV_DIB_SetImageBits/X11DRV_DIB_GetImageBits functions? Or creating
shared memory image takes too long?

2) Shouldn't XImage be passed to X11DRV_DIB_SetImageBits, and useShm
field correctly in X11DRV_SetDIBits?
Why it was NULL in X11DRV_GetDIBits and is NULL in X11DRV_SetDIBits,
with useShm hardcoded to FALSE?

Cyril Margorin

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