Refcounting fun

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Feb 13 16:14:09 CST 2006

> I'm not sure, probably not that much, but it depends on whether the
> AddRef / Release functions are called a lot. If we use GetContainer,
> it would make a call to QueryInterface. If the surface hasn't got a
> container it makes a call to GetDevice and returns the wined3d device.
> We'd have to account for that as well. Or we could write a function to
> just retrieve the pointer. We would of course also have to get the
> d3d9 parent of the container.
I think the returned device pointer is not a problem - just check the returned 
pointer against your device instead of NULL. As for GetParent / 
QueryInterface / GetContainer calls, it's necessary to release any unwanted 
increased refcount. If however, a GetContainer call for an D3D9 texture 
causes an AddRef or Release of that texture, the approach is impossible. I 
didn't find any evidence of that yet.

> I'm not sure if it happens or not (and if it is actually required when
> it happens :)), but the function to change it is there. Of course if
> we can be sure it never happens that would mean we could just store
> the pointer to the container in d3d9 during creation time and set it
> to NULL when releasing the container.
That would make everything much easier :)

I'd suggest that you send a patch taking whatever way you like, and ask AJ for 
his opinion.
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