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Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Feb 13 23:48:04 CST 2006

Hi all,
I've been using the Appdb a fair bit in the last
couple months,  maintaining a couple apps and
their bug links, and doing some quick testing of
apps I'm not the appdb maintainer for.
Mostly I find the appdb adequate and usable,
but I've noticed a few things that bug me.
Here's a quick dump of what's on my mind:

1) The top 10 platinum, gold, and silver lists
on the front page is helpful but appear
to be manually maintained.  It'd be helpful
if there was a way to use the ratings while
browsing or searching the appdb.

2) The links between bugzilla and the appdb
are great.  I really like seeing the list of
bugs for each app.  But the app db's
orientation towards detailed rich text
info about apps makes me wonder.
I often do quick testing of apps for
obvious bugs (like crashes) without
really getting to know the app, and
I don't feel qualified to say much about the
app; I just want to link a bug to it.
But the app db gets upset unless I fill
in all sorts of info about the app.
And unless I'm willing to be the app db maintainer
for an app,  that info is
going to quickly get out of date.
So I'd like a way to create an app db entry
without filling in any info about the
app besides a bug number.

3) It'd be nice if, when entering bugs
in bugzilla, the web interface let me enter
an appdb app id somehow.   Not sure how to
do that nicely.

Anyway, that's what's on my mind.  Tony disagrees
with me about #2; he thinks once I've filed a bugzilla
report for an app, I have everything I need to create
a fully populated appdb entry.  I can't quite put
my finger on why I disagree with him.

Comments, anyone?


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