Startup time of OOo2, Firefox 1.5. Some surprises.

michael meeks michael.meeks at
Wed Feb 15 11:44:36 CST 2006

Hi Andreas,

On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 16:33 +0100, Andreas Mohr wrote:
> Well, but that was a rather rough-shot reply, and your reply to that
> (if it was valid) was quite important, so for now it seems he doesn't have
> too much of a point here.

	So my personal feeling (having never used it) is that prelink is a pain
to setup, maintain, get distros running with, fragments the disk etc.
etc. ;-) [ but this is all 2nd hand angst ].

>  Not to mention that application startup time
> still *is* a bottleneck on Linux, so there should be more effort to
> reduce that. I want to keep using my 450MHz box for some more decades ;)
> BTW, did you do some oprofile runs of app startup?

	Well - valgrind / cachegrind - sure. You can get some pretty graphical
pictures with do_lookup_x chewing 1/2 the screen ;-) [ and some after
pictures with it burning way less of the screen ] - and it's all data
access problems; L1 & L2 cache misses all over the shop.



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