Wine and Font-Rendering, copy/paste (partial solution)

Roland Kaser roli8200 at
Wed Feb 15 16:04:44 CST 2006


As seen on My previous post about copy/paste and font rendering, both
functions does work on some systems but not on other. 
I made some test installations with SuSE 10 and wine 0.9.7 (the rpm version
form Marcus) and found a partial solution:

It seems that the font-rendering and copy/paste works on SuSE 10 (original
installed system, without and SuSE online update). As soon the first SuSE
Online Update was made, the font-rendering and copy/paste refuses to work.
I'm currently not sure whats the exact reason for this behaviour. Does
eventually somebody has close contacts to the SuSE developers and can
discuss it with them?

The Error is definitively reproducable on diffrent hardware types. 

Kind regards

Roland Kaeser

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