fixup previous DESTDIR commit

Mike Frysinger vapier at
Thu Feb 16 11:59:57 CST 2006

On Thursday 16 February 2006 11:28, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Mike Frysinger <vapier at> writes:
> > the previous commit which added DESTDIR support to cvs was not exactly
> > the same patch i posted ... this was both good and bad because on one
> > hand an additional line i missed in programs/make_progs was fixed but on
> > the other the programs/ file now generates an incorrect link
> What's incorrect about the link?

the first argument is where the link points to while the second argument is 
where the link itself is stored

so, since DESTDIR is a temporary install point and the files will not remain 
there, you end up with a broken link when you merge the DESTDIR tree with 
your real filesystem:
$(bindir)/`dirname @` now points 
to /some/temporary/folder/that/doesnt/exist/anymore/$(bindir)/wineapploader 
instead of just $(bindir)/wineapploader

and really, since both the source and the dest are in the same place 
($(bindir)), there's not much point in making absolute symlinks ... just make 
a relative one (like my patch does):
$(bindir)/`dirname @` -> wineapploader

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