D3D8 Texture -> WineD3D

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmx.net
Sat Feb 18 12:43:41 CST 2006

I would have preferred to do the d3d8 move in one go too (one 12000 line 
patch) but Alexandre didn't like the idea. I'm now trying to cut the patch in 
small pieces. The surface and texture part were 'easy' but now it is becoming 
more complicated with the stateblock and device.


On Saturday 18 February 2006 19:25, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> > This patch (based on Oliver Stieber his d3d8 code) moves d3d8's texturing
> > code over to WineD3D. The patch adds new datatypes, replaces a few
> > texture creation calls with wined3d code and updates code to work with
> > the new datatypes. Unfortunately the patch is quite big because there's
> > one texture base type of which all other texture types are instances.
> Just one question: Wouldn't it be a better idea to replace the d3d8
> directory in one go? I know that it's against the rule of sending small
> patches, but I think an interface for interface move makes more troubles
> than it solves(like the header inclusion, for example). If a game breaks
> during that move, I'm afraid we have to fully debug it with WineD3D in any
> case.
> The reason why I'm asking this is the ddraw move. I plan to make some
> wined3d_types.h additions in small patches, then some wined3d
> additions(small patches too) and then replace the whole ddraw directory in
> one patch, because the original code and the new ddraw code don't have much
> in common. This saves a lot of hassle without provocing troubles which
> wouldn't appear otherwise.
> Stefan

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